There are three different ways you can top up data on your account.

  1. SMS
  2. The Jenny Website
  3. Contact the national callcenter

Option 1 : SMS

  1. Once you reach the notification % of your cap, you will recieve an sms from Jenny Internet. Stating they have used the notification % of your cap.
  2. To Topup, reply to the SMS stating the corresponding value of the amount of data you wish to topup your account with.
  3. You will recieve a notification that your topup was sucsessfull and you will be able to use the internet without the worry of running out of data.


Option 2 : Jenny Website

  1. You will need your account username and password to topup using, If you dont know your account username and password, contact the national callcenter on 086 145 3669
  2. Procceds to our website ,and click on the top-up button on the top of the website.
  3. Fill in the details required (Your Username, Password and your Name)
  4. Select the required amount of data from the drop down box, select 'Add Top-Up'
  5. Your data will now be added to your account.


Option 3 : Contact Jenny Internet National Callcenter

  1. Call the Jenny Internet National Call Centre on 086 145 3669 / 087 985 3669
  2. Please have your username / name off account / customer code handy to make finding the relevant account quicker and easier.
  3. Request the Call Centre Agent to process a Topup on your account. Your name will be used as a reference for the Topup.
  4. Some companies require that authorisation be acquired from a Manager / Owner / Director. If this is the case in your company, please acquire this authorisation first and before calling the Call Centre.
  5. The Call Centre agent will add the topup to your relevant username.
  6. Your connection will briefly be reset to accept the changes.
  7. You will then be connected again.
  8. Please ask the Call Centre Agent about the other methods of doing “Self Topups”. (Options 1 and 2)