This tutorial is to assist you in programing the Siemens Gigaset A510IP and will therefore not help entirely to program other phone makes or models, although the principles and settings remain the same and should be entered in your phone in the correct places on the make and model you are configuring.

Information you will require to successfully configure any VoIP phone:

VoIP Server address:

VoIP account username: get this from the Jenny Internet Call Centre or DFE

VoIP account password: get this from the Jenny Internet Call Centre or DFE

Ensure your computer is on the same network as the phone and configured in the same IP range as the phone. The phone is by default set to DHCP so will automatically get an IP from the DHCP server. If you configure your computer to automatically acquire IP and DNS, you will get an IP in the same range as the phone.

To get the IP address of the phone, use one of the associated handsets and go through the menu’s as follows:

> Press Menu

> Look for Settings

> Look for System

> Look for Local Network

> You will see the IP address e.g.

Place the ip address into the address bar of your web browser.

Default Pin is 0000 and press OK to log in. Once logged in you will see 2 options Settings and Status.

Click on Settings and then on Network and you will see IP Configuration, here you can either set the base station to DHCP (Obtain an IP automatically) or a Static (Fixed) IP address and then click Set to save. If you wish to the the IP as static, ensure that you know the correct settings and enter them correctly. Entering the incorrect setting here will result in you not being able to access the phone web setup and the VoIP (SIP) accounts not able to register.

If you change the IP address, the base will reboot and you need to access the phone web setup through the new IP address.


















Once the IP configuration is set click on Telephony and then on Connections.

This show all the SIP connections that are available. If this is a new (unconfigured) phone only wll be enabled. The other entries will show “Not Configured”. Untick the Active box for the entry as this does not get used.

Check the box that says IP1 and click Edit the click the “Show advanced settings” button. The following screenshot is populated with the correct information for you ease of configuration:

Once you click set, you will return to the “Overview of Connections” page. The status of IP1 should read “Registered”. If it reads “Not Registered”, wait 10 seconds and refresh the page by clicking on the “Connections” menu item on the left.

Once the SIP account has registered, it should look like this:

You can now make and receive calls on the Jenny VoIP number however there are a few other items that need to be checked and changed.

Setting the correct Audio Codec

Under the “Telephony” menu item, click on “Audio” then click on the “Show advanced settings” button. Ensure all the SIP accounts codecs are as follows:

Our servers use a few different codecs but work best with the G729 codec.

Once all the accounts are set this way, click the set button.

Setting Number Assignment:

Number assignment is used when there are multiple SIP account and multiple associated handsets. You can set different SIP account to ring on certain handsets only and you can set which handset will use which SIP account to dial out with.

Unless the client has a fixed line connected to the base station, please select no for “Alternative Connection” as follows:

Call Divert Options

Please note that the “Call Divert” options on this Web Setup page and the Handset does not work on the Jenny VoIP network and must be done manually from the handset by dialing the following:

To Activate Call Divert:

    • Dial: *21*[number to divert to] {Press dial button}

To Deactivate Call Divert:

    • Dial: #21# {Press dial button}

There are the fundamental setting to get the VoIP account working correctly.

Happy Calling.