Speed Tests Guidelines

A speed test is designed to test the capacity of the connection from point A to point B. Things to consider when doing a speed test:

  • Any 1 point between points A and B will affect the result of the speed test, therefore the link from Point A to Point B is only as fast as the slowest link.
  • You internal connection will affect the speed test result as well. If you were to perform a speed test from your cell phone connected wirelessly with a weak internal signal, this poor signal will affect the speed test result.
  • The speed test will only show the available bandwidth on this link. eg. If you have a 5Mbps line capacity and the computers on the network are using 2Mbps of that 5Mbps, the speed test will only show line capacity of 3Mbps. Currenly being used 2Mbps plus 3Mbps of the speed test = 2 + 3 = 5Mbps. This is very similar to the plumbing in your home. If someone is showering and you test the water pressure, the pressure reading will be less than when no other taps are open in the house.
  • Use a speed test server as close as possible to your breakout point as possible. This will reduce the number of hops between you and the speed test server, lessening the chance of a slow link.
  • The capacity that the speed test server can test. If the speed test server is doing 20 speed test at the same time, all the speed tests will not show the true connection speed to the end point.

When doing a speed test:

    • Ensure no-one else is on the network at the same time. Switch off all the computers on the network, then perform a speed test from one computer.
    • Computer should be connected to the internal network via cable.
    • Use the http://jennyinternet.speedtest.net server to perform the speed test. This server is sitting at the Jenny Core where we break out to the internet. This will give a true indication of the speed through the Jenny towers and fibre connections to where the actual internet begins.
    • Jenny Internet cannot guarantee the bandwidth beyond the limits of the Jenny Internet infrastructure as these links are not managed by Jenny Internet.

How to perform the speed test:

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